“Power – wherever you are” with Fischer Panda

You will always have sufficient power with a Fischer Panda generator

  • Generator systems from 3 kW to 200 kW
  • Worldwide partners near you
  • Very low vibration and quiet installation
  • Up to 40 % weight and 60 % space savings possible
  • Parallel operation with multiple generators
  • Integration with yacht‘s main control systems

Fischer Panda GmbH manufactures compact and quiet diesel generators for marine and vehicle applications. These are sold in over 80 countries worldwide under the trade name “Fischer Panda”.

The water-cooled diesel generators from Fischer Panda are renowned worldwide for being innovative, reliable, and extremely quiet. The product range includes over two hundred different generators for performance ranges up to 200 kW.

Fischer Panda generators feature an effective water-cooling system and lightweight compact construction. This ensures Fischer Panda is one of the leaders in mobile super-silent diesel generators. These highly-proven marines and vehicle generators supply power to electrical systems, electric drives, and complete mobile energy systems.

Marine DC Generators

Marine AC generators are our most popular range and what you would normally expect to find tucked away in an engine bay or locker powering the boat’s onboard equipment. Commonly supplied in 230v/400v 50Hz (European voltage) with 120v 60Hz (US voltage) variants also available. Parallel connection fully possible with both iSeries & xControl generator ranges which means two (or more) generators with different size outputs can be connected in parallel to provide a joint power supply for peak periods or to work independently for load sharing.

Marine AC Generators

The AGT generator is a very efficient engine driven battery charger, the charge output from the generator is directly controlled by the engine speed, this leads to exceptionally high efficiency. Auto start is built in as standard which enables the battery condition to control when and for how long the generator runs ensuring the engine is always correctly loaded. The system has been used as the main battery charging source in ‘Hybrid Power Systems’ for over 20 years, it is also commonly used as a ‘range extender’ for electric propulsion systems.

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