As we approach the off season, you may need to start thinking about dry storage for your boat to avoid excess damage from leaving it untouched in the sea during the winter months.

Portumna Marine offers highly regarded dry storage and we’re delighted to announce even more space for this year than ever before.


Storing your boat is not as simple as pulling it on-land and throwing a tarp over it for several months – winter boat storage takes preparation and is best done by professionals. 

Both seawater and freshwater experience freezing temperature and, even if not solid ice, very low water temperature can cause extreme damage to your boat, rendering it completely unusable or requiring expensive repair jobs to fix. It is important to haul your vessel out of the water for cold periods to prevent this damage. You can moor your boat outside either near the harbour or on your private land, but this still leaves it open to storms which can damage or remove any covers, and can even cause capsizing onto hard ground which again may damage your boat beyond repair.

When stored in a permanent storage facility, including here at Portumna Marine, you also benefit from professional and high-quality care and maintenance even through the cold winter months, to ensure your vessel is in tip top shape for when you want to take it back out again in warmer weather.

Yachts in storage in Portumna Marine
Yachts in storage in Portumna Marine


Storing your boat is not as simple as dragging it out of the water and stashing it away for 6 months. There are some key steps we recommend you take before sending your boat to storage.

1. Clean everything.

Not just the deck and hull, we also recommend cleaning out the engine with great care to ensure there is no lingering debris that may fester and cause long lasting damage if not treated.

2. Remove Belongings

You wouldn’t think we’d have to mention this but it’s extremely important to remove all perishable belongings before sending your boat to storage. This includes any bedding, fabrics, food & drink, personal items, and any expensive items such as televisions or premium tableware.

3. Drain All Internal Water

This is the most important aspect of prep before storing your boat. Be sure to drain water tanks, ballast tanks and fuel lines. Not doing this risks the liquid freezing in the tanks and pipes, causing cracks in the pipes, engine or even the hull. 


Portumna Marine has long been one of the most recognised and highly rated dry-storage providers in the country. Our large yard and storage warehouses allow us to cater for vessels of all sizes, from small pleasure boats to large 70+ foot luxury yachts. 

As part of your storage guarantee with Portumna Marine, we will carry out regular checks on your boat, keeping all parts clean, free of damage and debris, and ready to head back out on water at a moment’s notice.

For 2022 we have taken delivery of 6 brand new 20ft containers, allowing us to cater for an even wider clientele than ever before. 

Our new self-storage containers can be hired monthly, half-yearly or even yearly, depending on your individual needs each year. Fees are as low as €210 per month for a 20ft container and the full price breakdown is below.

ew 20ft Storage Containers in Portumna Marine
New 20ft Storage Containers in Portumna Marine

Contact us today to enquire about storing your vessel this year in one of our new containers or in our larger storage warehouse facilities. Online booking system available.