Side-Power Thrusters

Built for outstanding performance, you can rely on your Side-Power bow thruster or stern thruster year after year. Boatbuilders all over the world are choosing Side-Power for reliability, ease of installation, and unrivaled safety features. This commitment to quality has made the new range of Side-Power thrusters manufactured by Sleipner Motor the market leader. This is why leading boat builders over the world choose Side-Power – year after year!


The high performance of a Side-Power thruster is a result of our continuous efforts in product development and testing.

  • Propulsion technology know-how
  • 5-bladed composite propellers
  • Purpose-built high-power electric motors
  • Improved water flow from streamlined gear house design


Through our extensive experience and close co-operation with major boat builders, we know how important a correct installation is for the thruster system. Therefore we have made all the preparations to ensure that it is easy to install a Side-Power correctly.

  • Compact-sized units
  • “Plug and go” electric wiring
  • Easily accessible battery cable terminals
  • Fast and safe propeller mounting with locknut
  • Professional and solid GRP stern thruster kits
  • Easy access to zinc anodes


Side-Power thrusters include several features to ensure the safety of your boat and its passengers. Features that protect against technical and operator errors.

  • No overheating of electric motor
  • Mechanical protection of drive gear
  • Electronic protection against sudden change of drive direction
  • No accidental operation from child safe on/off and automatic deactivation
  • Self-extinguishing relay covers
  • IPC comes standard on all DC electric thrusters hence reducing solenoid wear and the risk of lock-in.
  • Production, assembly and quality control taking place in our ISO-certified factory in Fredrikstad, Norway