Flexiteek are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality decking for Yachts, Motor Boats, and Sports Boats, and Portumna Marine are proud suppliers of Flexiteek products. Let’s take a look into what makes them such high-quality.

Who They Are

Flexiteek was founded in the UK in the year 2000 with a single goal: to revolutionise the traditional decking market. The company’s owner, Anders Wilhelmsen Sr hails from Norway with a strong history in shipping. The company draws upon his personal heritage and knowledge of the industry to inspire their products.

They do not not use real teak in their boat decking, but instead opts for far more sustainable and longer lasting ‘planks’ of PVC which they have designed and engineered to look every bit as beautiful as teak.

Flexiteek products are available in a wide range of stylish, contemporary colours, with options for customised designs, lettering, and logos also available. Their decking products are designed to be safe and comfortable even in extreme conditions and to last many years with minimal maintenance.

22 years later, many of the company’s original products are still going strong and looking great!

Flexiteek 2G

In 2014, after several years of development, the next generation of decking products was announced: Flexiteek 2G. This new style of PVC decking set a new benchmark for upmarket alternatives to teak, not least by solving the problem of getting too hot underfoot!

The Flexiteek 2G products sold today are beautiful, long lasting, high performance decking designed to cope in all weather conditions and available in over 30 different colours with customisation options also available. The exceptional quality of the products and design make them the preferred choice for all boats, ranging from tenders to superyachts. Flexiteek 2G is the decking of choice for over 200 boat builders worldwide, due in large part to the fact that there is no need to spend hours scrubbing, sanding and oiling your deck – Flexiteek decks give the beautiful appearance of brand new teak year round with minimal maintenance required.

Flexiteek has a global network of distributors, including Portumna Marine for Ireland. We can easily fit this beautiful decking to your current boat, be it a tender or a superyacht, or anything in between. Contact us today to enquire further.