What does Outboard Motor Diagnostics involve?

It involves examining the computer system integrated into the engine. You connect to the engine’s Electronic Control Module (ECM) to do this.

To obtain crucial information about the engine’s past, we utilize specific connectors for our computers and software. By gaining entry to the ECM, we can amass valuable data regarding your prospective acquisition.

Engine diagnostic scans provide valuable information about the engine. This includes its hours of use, RPM history, and current and past fault codes. Surveyors use these scans to gather important data.

Engine diagnostics gives important information about the engine’s past. This helps customers make a smart choice before buying the vessel.

Our advanced software on boats with inboard engines can effectively document the performance of the engines while at sea. Our surveys can verify the accuracy of the helm gauges and collect detailed data on the engine’s performance during sea trials.

Engine diagnostics is an additional option for a marine survey. It is available for gas inboard and most outboard engines. However, the engines must have ECM (engine control module).

Outboard Motor Diagnostics

Portumna Marine now offers engine diagnostics on all outboard engines. The software connects to the engine’s control module. It allows our surveyors to check engine hours, RPM history, fault codes, and sometimes service history.

Buyers can make informed choices when purchasing boats with outboard motors or personal watercraft, thanks to this valuable information. This service is only available if the buyer also requests a marine survey for the boat.

Computer Diagnostics and Report Services

Marine engine diagnostics is the study of the engine’s computer system (also called ECM, CPU, EMM, or ECU).

To do this, put a special processor in the engine’s ECU, which connects to a small computer.

The processor talks to the ECU and gives the technician important engine information.

This comprises of the following:

1) The model number of the engine,

2) The serial number of the engine,

3) The real engine operating hours,

4) The historical record of the engine’s RPM,

5) The profile of the engine’s running temperature,

6) Existing and saved error codes,

7) A summary of data parameters, among other things.

Engine diagnostics is important to learn about the engine’s past, current problems, check hours, and understand the engine’s true condition.

Computerized diagnostics for marine engines saves time and money by quickly identifying engine problems for technicians.

We train our technicians to analyze engine data. Our technicians can find problems that engine sensors can’t detect using resistance and voltage references.

We provide this service using the most advanced marine engine diagnostic technology available. It is a straightforward and effortless service to carry out. Our technicians are able to travel to the location of the vessel to perform the service.

You can perform this service whether the vessel is in or out of the water. Improving engine analysis requires the engine to start and run with adequate cooling water.

Once the diagnostics complete, we will provide you with a written report that includes all the engine diagnostics information and results.

We are able to forward the report to your email address in the form of a PDF file. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you require computerized engine diagnostics for your marine motor.

We offer customized pricing based on your requirements, the number of engines needing diagnostic testing, and the engine model(s).