Planks Synthetic Coulking

Breons Synthetic Caulking Planks
Composite Boat Decking

Plank in a synthetic material alternative to traditional teak wood. Used both for internal and external covering. Thanks to its manufacturing process it is similar to wood at sight and touch. Without veneering, it has a uniform colour in all its thicknesses and can be sand-blasted like wood Long lasting the same look as when put down. Very easy laying, any equipment needed. 


– Extraordinary anti-skid properties when wet
– Resistance to water and saltness (also for hydraulic platform dipped into the water)
– More resistance to weather conditions and long-lasting
– Flexible to resist thermal expansion, vibrations and deformation of surfaces where applied
– Cannot have micro-cleft causing water leaking
– Being a closed cells product cannot create micro-organisms
– Frequent maintenance not needed
– Neutral soap sufficient for cleaning
– Available in black and white colour options