Each Suzuki outboard motor is fitted with state-of-the-art innovations making all their internal parts extremely durable and reliable, ensuring long use lives.

Suzuki Dual Louver System

A dog-legged dual louver at the air intake completely removes water from the air taken into the cowl, thus preventing water from entering the outboard and allowing a direct intake system that contributes to higher engine output.

Water Detecting System

A sensor system that helps to protect the engine from water in the fuel, using a water detecting fuel filter to alert the driver with both visual and audio warnings when water is present in the fuel.

Self-Adjusting Timing Chain

This timing chain innovation runs in an oil bath so it never needs lubricating and is equipped with an automatic hydraulic tensioner so it remains properly adjusted at all times, resulting in more durability compared to competitor belt types of the same class.

Dual Water Inlet

The engine’s cooling system relies on water supplied through two water inlets located on the lower unit where usually there is only one.

Tilt Limit System

This system prevents the outboard motor from tilting beyond a selected angle, which prevents damage to the boat or outboard due to excessive outboard tilting.

Suzuki Anti-Corrosion Finish

Special protection is applied to the aluminium surface using high-strength bonding to protect the aluminium-made exterior parts. This all helps to protect against corrosion and helps increase the overall outboard durability.

Keyless Start System

This system allows users to start the engine by having the key-fob nearby without actually having to input a key into an ignition system.

Sub Water Inlet

Two water inlets in different directions ensure that the engine does not overheat due to the clogging of algae.


This app enables you to make a plan for boating with the weather forecast and check the engine condition & operations tips for the next outing. This gives you the ability to plan for trips more accurately, check up on the engine’s status before departing and provide engine data to your dealer and ask for maintenance easily.


Suzuki outboard motors offer incredible power from small outputs and limited fuel use thanks to the following features and innovations.

Offset Driveshaft

The engine powerhead is positioned closer to the front, moving the outboard’s centre of gravity forward, leading to less vibration and allowing the engine to be more compact and offer more stable steering performance.

2-Stage Gear Reduction

This is a system that incorporates the Offset Driveshaft and features a first stage reduction between the crankshaft and drive shaft, and a second stage reduction inside the gear case. This design makes a larger gear ratio possible, allowing it to turn a large diameter propeller, and this offers higher power outputs and speeds.

High Energy Rotation

These outboard motors are equipped with gears designed with a 2.42 gear ratio, which is larger than the standard model, in their lower units. When combined with a large 36cm propeller, the power system can deliver an explosive forward thrust which is ideal for heavier boats.

Suzuki Dual Prop System

The Suzuki Dual Prop System spins 2 propellers rotating in opposite directions on a single engine. This gives the engines the ability to achieve superior stability when driving straight by eliminating the lateral forces associated with a single propeller. Other advantages include engine power being transferred to the water more efficiently, as well as powerful reverse thrust & braking force.

Multi-Stage Induction

Manifold pipes are switched between short & long during low-speed and high-speed operation to ensure the right volume of air enters the engine. This increases output during high-speed operation with a greater volume of air input, and also increases combustion efficiency and maximizes torque.

VVT (Variable Valve Timing)

The Variable Valve Timing is used to control the opening and closing timing of the intake valve depending on the engine operation, which in turn offers smooth powerful torque and provides increased acceleration during operation for all speed ranges.

Direct Air Intake

Designing a direct airflow path from the intake port to the cylinder suppresses any increase in the intake temperature and improves combustion efficiency. This helps to deliver higher power output from a small displacement with improved combustion efficiency.

Ease & Comfort

A big feature of Suzuki Outboard Motors is their incredible smoothness and comfort. The following innovations help with that.

S.P.C. – Suzuki Precision Control

Operation from the remote control is delivered to the outboard via an electric signal and not by the traditional mechanical control cables. This means there is less friction and resistance compared to the mechanical type and, when combined with the Lean Burn Control System, this offers improved fuel efficiency.

Suzuki Selective Rotation

Function for selecting regular or counter rotation on one outboard with an optional connector and a counter rotation propeller.

Noise Reduction

Intake noise is suppressed with a silencer and resonator, which makes the noise from the outboard quieter, leading to less noise and making the overall boating experience more pleasant.

Three-Way Storage

This design allows the outboard to be removed from the boat and placed on any of its 3 sides for storage, meaning there’s no need to worry about the loading space or method.

Overhead Tank

The integral overhead fuel tank and one-way valve deliver fuel supply by using gravity, contributing to an easier start-up of the engine.

Suzuki Troll Mode System

This system helps the boat run at a certain speed range in low revs, meaning the boat can keep running at a certain speed range without having to operate the throttle on the boat, giving more precise control at low revs.

Gas Assistant System

Enables the outboard motor to be tilted up or down quickly with minimal force.

Automatic Trim

The Automatic Trim adjusts the trim angle automatically depending on the engine RPM without your control. This technology helps to keep the appropriate position and contributes to achieving faster top speed and higher fuel efficiency.

Suzuki Easy Start System

Simply turn the key and release it, and the starter stays engaged until the engine starts. This system offers a smoother start for the engine.

Ecology & Economy

Suzuki is committed to improving the economy of its engines and the overall carbon footprint of all its engines, thanks to the following innovations.

Lean Burn Control System

The Lean Burn Control System supplies the appropriate amount of fuel and air mixture depending on the navigation conditions. This offers a significant improvement in fuel economy in all speed ranges, especially at cruising speed. Fuel is also saved and costs are cut thanks to improved fuel economy.

Battery-Less Electronic Fuel Injection

This technology delivers a quicker start, smoother operation, and more acceleration without a battery. This allows for quicker and easier starts, cleaner and more economic fuel consumption, and higher & smoother performance in almost all operating ranges.

Dual Injector

The dual injector delivers just the right amount of fuel at the right time to each cylinder, which contributes to higher output and better fuel efficiency.

Micro-Plastic Collecting Device

As one of the actions in the Suzuki Clean Ocean Project, the company developed the device to collect micro-plastics in the oceans just by running Suzuki’s outboard motors. The main advantage of this system is to collect micro-plastics through your outboard motors without sacrificing engine performance.

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