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For the sport fisherman among us, these inflatable boats are the ideal companion to become one with nature.

The Talamex Greenline models are manufactured of dark-green 0,7mm durable and high-quality 1100 decitex PVC fabric. The GLS, GLA, and GLW series are equipped with an overpressure relief valve, adjustable wooden seat bench, SS lifting and towing eyes, and aluminium oars. The standard package of the boats is among others: a repair kit, double-action handpump, fuel tank strap*, mooring line**, and a packing bag. The belly boat allows you to become one with the elements and get ready for fishing quickly. The belly boat is compact, can optionally be equipped with an electric outboard engine, and comes with many accessories. The boats have a 2-year warranty and all Talamex boats are CE certified by the Dutch Marine Inspection, making them meet all European requirements!

* except GLS160 and GLB170
** except for GLB170

A varied selection
• GLB170 belly boat: compact, quick to set up and equipped with many accessories
• GLS160 slatted floor: without inflatable keel, easy to roll up, small packed, and quick to set-up
• GLA250 air floor: the inflatable floor and keel create a V-shaped floor which give the boat excellent sailing and rowing qualities. Lightweight, small packed, and quick to set-up
• GLW300 wooden floor: with an inflatable keel and wooden floor which provides great strength, stability, and robustness

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