Yamaha outboard motors range in price from €920 to an exorbitant €59,430. Generally speaking, the cost of each type of motor is the following:

This blog post is designed to provide information regarding the typical cost of Yamaha outboard engines.

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How Much Do Yamaha Outboard Motors Cost?

How Much Do Yamaha Electric Outboards Cost?

Yamaha Electric Drives are trusted worldwide as the most durable, reliable, hard-working transom-mount electrical motor on the water. 

These Electric drives range from 13.6 KG to 20.4 KG thrust. You can buy them from Portumna Marine for between €225 and €640.

How Much Does a Yamaha 2.5 HP Cost?

Yamaha offers an inexpensive outboard motor option in the F2.5, with costs ranging from €920 to €950.

This lightweight motor contains a single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with a capacity of 72cc, and is capable of producing 2.5 horsepower.

How Much Does a Yamaha 4 HP Cost?

The cost of four different HP Yamaha outboard motors ranges from €1,390 to €1,430.

These motors feature a powerful 4-stroke engine with 139cc.

How Much Does a Yamaha 5 HP Cost?

This Yamaha outboard has 5 HP and is priced between €1,525 and €1,560. Its size and carrying handle make it easy to transport.

It also features a built-in fuel tank, and its CDI Ignition System simplifies the process of starting it up.

How Much Does a Yamaha 6 HP Cost?

Yamaha’s 6 HP outboards have the same engine and features as the 4 and 5 HP models.

The cost of these outboards ranges from €1,640 to €2,500. This makes them a great option for small boats, dinghies and rigid inflatable boats.

How Much Does a Yamaha 8 HP Cost?

The Yamaha 8 HP outboard motor comes with a hefty price tag, ranging from €2,700-€3,700.

This motor is powerful, with a 212cc twin engine. It can be bought with either a tiller or a remote mechanical control. It also has either manual or electric start.

How Much Does a Yamaha 9.9 HP Cost?

Yamaha outboards with a 9.9 Horsepower rating have larger engines than other models. They boast a 212cc, 2-cylinder, 4-stroke EFI engine as the source of power.

The cost of Yamaha 9.9 HP outboard motors can range from around €2,970 to €3,500.

How Much Does a Yamaha 15 HP Cost?

The 15 HP Yamaha outboards available with tiller steering can range in price from €3,260 to €4,180.

These motorboats are powered by a 362c, 2-cylinder, 4-stroke engine.

How Much Does a Yamaha 20 HP Cost?

The range of 20 HP Yamaha outboards is the priciest among its class, with prices ranging from €3,910-€4,810.

These models feature a weaker version of the 432cc double engine. Tiller steering is the only available option.

How Much Does a Yamaha 25 HP Cost?

Yamaha’s 25 HP outboards are marketed as being portable, but they are quite heavy and difficult to maneuver.

These motors have two 432cc engines. Prices range from €4,610 to €5,770, depending on the features.

How Much Does a Yamaha 30 HP Cost?

Yamaha’s 30 HP outboards have a much larger engine. It has a 747cc triple engine. This is much larger than the 8-20 HP outboards, which have two engines.

This power mill has a much greater capacity than other machines in its class. These other machines usually use engines of 500-530 cubic centimeters, placing them under stress.

The cost of a Yamaha 30 HP outboard motor can range from €6,350 to €6,510.

How Much Does a Yamaha 40 HP Cost?

Yamaha 40 HP outboards have a 747cc triple engine, like the 30 HP models. Prices for the 40 HP outboards range from €7,265 to €7,195.

How Much Does a Yamaha 50 HP Cost?

Yamaha’s 50, 60, and 70 horsepower outboards are all powered by a 996cc, four-stroke, four-cylinder Electronic Fuel Injection engine.

The most dependable of the group is the 50 HP, which you can buy for €8,190.

How Much Does a Yamaha 60 HP Cost?

A sixty horsepower Yamaha motor typically retails for €9,550.

These mid-sized models have a 50-70 HP engine with a 996cc, four-cylinder power source.

How Much Does a Yamaha 70 HP Cost?

Yamaha is among the select companies that produce outboard motors with a 70 horsepower capacity.

Yamaha outboards have created their pinnacle 4-cylinder, 996cc motor, which is being sold for an estimated price of €11,650.

How Much Does a Yamaha 100 HP Cost?

Yamaha’s 90 horsepower outboard engine is a part of their lineup that lies between the 75 and 115 horsepower models. It is equipped with a 1832cc, four-cylinder engine.

Therefore, the price of 90 HP models are very close to their 75 HP counterparts, around €13,500.

How Much Does a Yamaha 115 HP Cost?

The 115 HP Yamaha outboards are the most advanced models available, featuring a smaller engine than its competitors at 1832cc.

Despite having a smaller engine, these motors still cost between €14,750-€15,120. Competitor 115 HP outboards, on the other hand, generally have a displacement of 2000-2350cc.

How Much Does a Yamaha 130 HP Cost?

Yamaha offers a 4-cylinder engine in their 175 HP outboards. This engine is 2785cc in size. Other manufacturers in the same class usually use V6 engines.

The cost of a 175 HP Yamaha outboard is estimated to begin at €16,500.

How Much Does a Yamaha 150 HP Cost?

The typical cost of a 150 HP Yamaha motorboat engine ranges from about €18,230 to €20,000.

This selection of engines is the least powerful of the 150-200 HP range. Each engine has a four-stroke, four-cylinder block. The capacity of each block is between 2670 and 2785cc.

How Much Does a Yamaha 200 HP Cost?

Yamaha is offering 200 HP outboards, which come in four-cylinder and V6 versions. The four-cylinder model has a 2785cc engine and is the most potent of its kind. The V6 model has a 4169cc engine and is the entry-level option of its kind.

Be prepared to pay around €21,760 for one of these 200 HP Yamaha outboards.

How Much Does a Yamaha 225 HP Cost?

Yamaha outboard motors only come with a 4-stroke, V6 engine. This engine has a capacity of 4169cc. Additionally, it produces 225 horsepower.

These high-performance Yamaha outboards cost from €28,205.

How Much Does a Yamaha 250 HP Cost?

Yamaha outboards of 250 horsepower feature a 4169cc V6 engine. This engine design is the same as other outboard engines ranging from 225-300 HP.

The cost of these models is significantly higher than the 200-225 HP models, ranging from €21,760-€28,205.

How Much Does a Yamaha 300 HP Cost?

Yamaha’s V6 outboard engines are the most powerful available, featuring a maximum of 300 horsepower. They offer top-of-the-line models with horsepower ranging from 200 to 300.

The price tags of these models fall into the range of €32,065-€34,920.

How Much Does a Yamaha 425 HP Cost?

Yamaha’s most powerful outboard motor is the XTO Offshore 425 HP engine. It is a 4-stroke, 5559cc, DOHC, V8 motor that does not require a turbocharger to work.

In terms of price, the 425 HP Yamaha outboard costs from €59,430.

Yamaha Outboard Price Chart

For your convenience, we’ve supplied you with Portumna Marine’s Yamaha Outboard Price List:

PORTABLE2.5 HP€920 – €950
4 HP€1,390 – €1,430
5 HP€1,525 – €1,560
6 HP€1,640 – €1,700
VERSATILE8 HP€2,700 – €3,700
9.9 HP€2,970 – €3,500
15 HP€3,260 – €4,150
20 HP€3,910 – €4,810
25 HP€4,610 – €5,770
MID POWER30 HP€6,350 – €6,510
40 HP€7,195 – €7,265
50 HP€8,190
60 HP€9,550
70 HP€11,650
80 HP€12,580
HIGH POWER100 HP€13,500
115 HP€14,750 – €15,120
130 HP€16,500
150 HP€18,230 – €20,000
200 HP€21,760
PREMIUM225 HP€28,205
250 HP€21,760 – €28,205
300 HP€32,065 – €34,920
425 HP€59,430

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