Suzuki is one of the most recognisable trademarks in the world, as a brand whose products offer quality, innovation, reliability and originality. Portumna Marine are proud stockists of Suzuki Outboard Motors in Ireland, so let’s take a look at what makes them such an excellent choice for your boat.

Suzuki Technology

Suzuki offer an extremely wide range of outboard motors, each of which lives up to the company’s reputation of quality, innovation & reliability. The outboard motors also feature unique, World-first innovations such as Lean Burn Fuel Control and battery-less electronic fuel injection for greater fuel efficiency; offset driveshaft, two-stage gear reduction and dual-propeller technology for powerful performance; and environmental initiatives such as the ground-breaking micro-plastic collection device and the wider Clean Ocean Project.

Suzuki outboards at Portumna Marine

Suzuki Outboards

Suzuki’s wide range of outboard motor choices, from the lightweight and portable DF2.5, to the awesome power of the award winning DF350A, Suzuki has an outboard motor for every application. Also, unique to Suzuki, the engines used in Suzuki’s range of award-winning outboards have always been designed specifically for the rigours of marine use, which means that all Suzuki four-stroke outboards are able to provide quiet, fuel-efficient technology without sacrificing power or performance. 

For more information on Suzuki outboard motors, check out our next blog post, where we’ll go into more detail on the award-winning technologies and features available in Suzuki outboard motors. 

To purchase a Suzuki outboard motor, and to find out which specific outboard will be perfect for your boat, contact us today.