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Pioner Boats

Pioner and Steady rigid boats are highly effective alternatives to RIB craft. From a small dinghy you can wheel around onshore yourself to a flood rescue boat capable of handling extreme weather conditions, there's a boat on these pages for you. Built in one piece using rotational moulded Polyethylene, every one of these boats is tough. The design gives every craft useful handling and reserves of buoyancy that make them easy to work with. Whether you're rowing out on a lake to go fishing, or speeding to the rescue at sea.

Pioner boats are rotationally moulded in polyethylene. The production method and the structure of the boats makes them highly robust and durable.

he structure and design of Pioner boats make them stable and safe. Our customers are safe when using one of our boats and while it is moving. The boats have a double-hull design that glides through the water and provides good buoyancy and safety.

The boats require minimal maintenance. This gives users more time to enjoy “simple boating”. Should your Pioner become damaged, repairs are no problem.

Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd (DNV-GL) checks and approves Pioner’s boats as an independent third party. This gives Pioner users confidence and the ability to enjoy their boating.

Pioner boats are made from a plastic material containing UV stabilisers, which prevent the colour from fading and the material from degrading over time.

Polyethylene is an environmentally friendly material which is 100% recyclable. Any materials surplus to boat production are re-used in other products. Even the production method is very environmentally friendly. PIONER is the environmentally friendly choice.

Steady 260
  • Manufacturer: Pioner
  • Model: Steady 260
Price: €2000
Steady 320
  • Manufacturer: Pioner
  • Model: Steady 320
Price: €3500
Steady 400
  • Manufacturer: Pioner
  • Model: Steady 400
Price: €5750
Pioner 8 Mini
  • Manufacturer: Pioner
  • Model: Pioner 8 Mini
Price: €1900
Pioner 10 Classic
  • Manufacturer: Pioner
  • Model: Pioner 10 Classic
Price: €2750
Pioner 12 Maxi
  • Manufacturer: Pioner
  • Model: Pioner 12 Maxi
Price: €3700
Pioner 13
  • Manufacturer: Pioner
  • Model: Pioner 13
Price: €4000
Pioner 15 Allround
  • Manufacturer: Pioner
  • Model: Pioner 15 Allround
Price: €6950
Pioner 16 Explorer
  • Manufacturer: Pioner
  • Model: Pioner 16 Explorer
Price: €11250
Pioner 17 Flexi
  • Manufacturer: Pioner
  • Model: Pioner 17 Flexi
Price: €15500
Pioner Multi 3
  • Manufacturer: Pioner
  • Model: Pioner Multi 3
Price: €15750
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